BOLT: Energy-efficient out-of-order latency-tolerant execution

TitleBOLT: Energy-efficient out-of-order latency-tolerant execution
Publication TypeConference Paper
Year of Publication2010
AuthorsA Hilton, and A Roth
Conference NameProceedings - International Symposium on High-Performance Computer Architecture
Date Published01/2010

LT (latency tolerant) execution is an attractive candidate technique for future out-of-order cores. LT defers the forward slices of LLC (last-level cache) misses to a slice buffer and re-executes them when the misses return. An LT core increases ILP without physically scaling the issue queue and register file and increases MLP without additional software threads that can reduce cache performance. Unfortunately, proposed LT designs are not energy ef.cient. They require too many additional structures and they defer and re-execute too many instructions to justify their performance gains. In this paper, we address these inefficiencies. We introduce a microarchitecture called BOLT (Better Out-of-Order Latency-Tolerance) that implements LT as an alternative use of SMT (Simultaneous Multi-Threading). We also present a new slice buffer organization and traversal scheme that increases performance and reduces overhead by pruning instances of useless and redundant LT. Collectively, these modifications turn out-of-order LT into a technique that improves performance in an energy-efficient way. ©2009 IEEE.